Final Fantasy I∙II

Final Fantasy I∙II

Release: February 27, 1994 | Developer: Square ‘A’ Team | Publisher: Square Co., Ltd.

Released late the Famicom’s life, Final Fantasy I∙II is a single cartridge compilation of the first two Final Fantasy games. Final Fantasy I∙II was the last Famicom game released by Square Co., Ltd., who was well into development on Nintendo’s Super Famicom in 1994.

Both originally released for the Famicom in 1987 and 1988 respectively, Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II are essentially the identical games as released in this compilation. The first game retains all of the bug fixes and sprite alterations (most significantly to the”Medusa” and “Beholder” monsters) that were made when the game was ported to North America for the NES.  In addition to those minor few bug fixes and alterations, there was a  typographical error corrected in the first game and several more enemy sprites which were slightly altered for part II.

The game was released boxed with extras making it more akin to a North Amercian RPG release, with a helfty manual-cum-strategy guide, and instruction booklet and a foldout map.

Final Fantasy I∙II remains an interesting, although somewhat unnecessary swansong to the console that reversed Square’s fortunes and launched a franchise and a worldwide RPG juggernaut.

Nathan White

Nathan White is an amateur appreciator, sub-professional old games writer, professional designer and bush league taco critic.